Dad Crosses the Ocean

 USS Monticello (AP-61)
 Monticello (AP-61)
This is the USS Monticello, the ship my Dad was aboard for the trip to India.  It left New York on 25 December 1942 for India via California.  Dad met it in Wilmington, California (Los Angeles Port of Embarkation) after traveling from Fort Devens, Massachusetts by train.  It sailed for India at 0800 on 20 January 1943 and made 3-day stops at Wellington, New Zealand (0810 on 6 February) and Fremantle, Australia (1100 on 17 February) before reaching Bombay at 1400 on 3 March 1943 after a voyage of 14,177 miles and almost six weeks at sea.  The ship was berthed at Ballard Pier at 1330 on 4 March and troops debarked the following day. Read a Diary of the crossing or more about life aboard a World War II Troop Transport.

 Monticello underway

Monticello underway on 15 September 1942 following refitting at Philadelphia Navy Yard

 Wellington, New Zeland

Unknown ship in Harbor at Wellington New Zealand

 Fremantle, Australia

Unknown ship at pier in Fremantle, Austrralia

 Monticello underway

Monticello underway on 15 December 1943 near San Francisco

 Monticello as Conte Grande  Monticello as Conte Grande
Shown here before and after the war, USS Monticello was originally and ultimately the Italian liner Conte Grande.

Commissioned USS Monticello (AP-61), 16 April 1942 (Dad's 21st Birthday)

 Map of crossing to India
Approximate route Dad traveled aboard USS Monticello from Wilmington, California to Bombay, India
The International Date Line was crossed on 3 February. Total sailing time was 42 days.   

  Crossing The Equator
 Domain of Neptunus Rex   
Crossing the Equator 26 January 1943. Read about the Neptunus Rex ceremony.


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